3835 Bozeman Trail Road
Bozeman MT 59715 US
(406) 587-5430

Why ChooSE

Mt. Ellis Elementary

  1. High educational standards
  2. Family atmosphere
  3. Character building curriculum
  4. After school care program
  5. fine arts instruction in music & art
  6. low student-teacher ratio

What We Do

MEE believes that our relationship with God is the foundation of true education. Each school day begins with group worship and personal Bible study. Daily Bible classes help children know God better and learn to apply scripture to their daily life. Teachers often weave spiritual lessons into other classes as well. God is honored as Creator and the source of true wisdom.

We offer family like atmosphere, through offering small class sizes, which provides opportunities for appropriate socialization. Young children are often paired with older students for "buddy reading" and "peer-to-peer learning," which fosters a special bond between them and helps the older students learn responsibility and leadership. Children of all ages can be seen playing together and multi-age classrooms encourage children to help one another and do their personal best in all areas of life.

National Council for Private Schools

North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Office of Education

At Mt Ellis Elementary our job is not to teach children who they are, but to provide them with the tools to recognize their own potential. We believe that by leading children to have a love for learning, and active lifestyle, a heart for compassion & service, and an eternal friendship with Jesus that each student can be infinitely successful. 



Student life

Spiritual  Life