3835 Bozeman Trail Road Bozeman MT 59715 US
(406) 587-5430

It is truly an honor to serve as principal of Mt. Ellis Elementary in Bozeman, MT. This is my fourth year as principal here in Bozeman after over 25 years of teaching in our Adventist School System. It is my prayer and desire to lead our school to accomplish great things. Most importantly, we wish to provide children at MEE with the best educational experience possible – one that will build a foundation for a relationship with Jesus and for life-long learning.

A Message From the Principal

 We believe that all students can learn, and it is our job to support all of their needs. As educators, we need to discover how each child learns in order to differentiate our instruction to support diverse learning styles; all children are different. We also want all children to love school! In a collaborative effort, we want children to thrive in all ways possible. At MEE, our mission is to provide such an environment for all students. The staff at MEE will work together with the priority of having every student’s best interest at heart.

My message to all parents is to stay involved. This can be accomplished by staying in contact with your child’s teacher throughout the year (website, emails etc…). You are also welcome to come anytime and help at Mt. Ellis Elementary.

Thank you for choosing to send your child to MEE.

Educating for Eternity-
Michelle Wachter